Wednesday, April 14, 2010

QE2 in Dubai limbo

Our beloved QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 berthed in Dubai, photographed this past February by fellow Portuguese ship enthusiast Nuno de Jesus.
She still looks majestic, despite all the clouds of incertainty over her. So far she has ben the luckiest  of all Cunard QUEENs, but I have mixed feelings while looking into her now. 
In my oppinion the only way to really preserve a ship is by keeping her in active service, and the QE2 could still be fit to make happy many more passengers despite her age and associated shortcomings...
I might prefer to let her go to a breaker's yard rather than see her funnel replaced by glass apartmens... To have her returned to a UK port and let her become a  museum in the same way as HMRY BRITANNIA would be acceptable...
Photos taken by Nuno Jesus in Dubai on 21 February (top) and 16 February (bottom).
Text by Luis Miguel Correia. Copyright photos by Nuno de Jesus

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