Monday, December 01, 2008

QE2 in Dubai 11-2008

The QE2 photographed alongside in Port Rashid, Dubai following delivery by Cunard to local interests on 27 November 2008.
Photos by Craig Leader to whom I thank the courtesy

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Pierre said...

as we sit on-board our current ship and look our old ship the RMS Queen Elizabeth 2Nd both my Friend and i served on her for a total of 23years we have just viewed the new Queen Elizabeth and noted that most of the public rooms are named after the old qe2 and we find it very sad that legend such as the qe2 has to spend her final in a far off land and to be ripped apart and all her splendour has been taken away we find very sad that cunard could not have done what they did with the old Queen mary in long beach but in southampton we have seen her alongside in port rashid and find it very sad to think that as the emeritas are short of money and the qE2 HAS HAD very little work carried out surely their problem in dubai was known before the purchase of the qe2 why was the sale not stoped please can you send us any photos or information on her present state and future and any photos of the work [in progress and when completed we serverd on he as we said for 23 years but part of that was during the Falklands war in 1982 of which we were very proud to serve our country and serve on her


and serving ona royal fleet auxillary with my friend Kevin wilison were loyakl employees of the cunard line